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Here at C:D:S we like to keep our web designs simple. We do that for several reasons. First, because we don't like clutter. It gets in the way of the product. It confuses the eye. Much of it is ignored by the viewer.

We also don't like websites that take forever to load. Broadband internet is still too pricey for most of the folks. And we don't want to turn off visitors to our client's sites. Of the examples below, the first link is foot-stomping heavy on the download. It will get your attention. But slowly. We would hesitate to suggest such designs but if you insist, we are able. We just prefer the more graceful and, dare I say, demure web designs.

The last example runs a lot of Java. Java is fun and useful. It has one problem, though. The unscrupulous can write java scripts that can contain viruses or spyware. They can hurt your computer or steal your keystrokes (i.e. your passwords and your credit card numbers.) If your browser is up to date, when you enter example 5, all of the Java scripting should be blocked. Only unblock the scripts when you trust the site.

That said, web design is moving on. Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are coming into their own. While a little more intimidating than HTML, they build on HTML before going a step or to in their own directions.

If You Like Lots of Glitz:

Example One
Or Just Stately Formal:
Example Two
Or Perhaps Professionally Simple:
Example Three
How About Something With Frames:
Example Four
Maybe You Just Need A Little Java:
Example Five

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